I decided a while back that what this industry needs is a resource tool that’s mobile and easy to use, hence I came up with the idea of “Pocket Pole Studio”.

Pocket Pole Studio is a Pole Dancing resource tool for Pole Dance Instructors & Students.  It will be broken down into Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced sections with a PFA Expert featuring the Amazing FELIX CANE section also! There will be over 101 moves represented with both images and video clips. That’s more than any DVD !!

There will also be an “email” option also for those students struggling with a move and need a bit of guidance.

Updates will be every 45-60 days with move moves added so don’t worry if there are moves missing this time round, they will be added !!!

For a long time I’ve been designing, liasing with the Geek Squad and working out how best to present this App “Idea”.

Hopefully by the end of April/ early May (and with iTunes agreeing to it) you will get a chance to see “Pocket Pole Studio” on the iPhone (other platforms ie Android may follow later).

Wish me luck !!

You can find out more about me at my website Adam Jay