Anthony Lee Winn

Anthony Lee Winn (born January 1, 1973) is an American comic book artist, writer, producer, and the CEO of Deepcut Productions. He was born in South Vietnam, and arrived in California with his older brother and parents. Anthony grew up watching the cartoon shows any other American child watched Saturday mornings in the 70ʼs. The only difference is that he would grow up to work with the most iconic creator of super hero content the world has ever known. After his nationalization, Anthony carved his way to his dream of being a comic book artist; throughout his early career, he cut his teeth working at Image Comics as a layout artist, eventually paving his way to work in animation. The self-taught artist found himself juggling many projects that involved story boarding, character designs, and animation. Today, he designs and develops his own personal projects like zombie films, graphic novels, and game development. Anthony Winn is recognized as a substantial creative force that develops projects with the legendary Stan Lee, which involves new and innovative super hero mythos for todayʼs genre and multimedia.