Mari Nakanishi

Mari has been dancing since she was a child living in Japan and Canada and has continued expanding her knowledge of many styles of dance and gymnastics throughout her life.  She has experience in ballet, rhythmic gymnastics, jazz and modern to name just a few and is always looking for new avenues to explore in the dance world..  Pole dance as a fitness phenomenon was very new when Mari joined a class in 2004 and her passion for Pole in particular lead her to start her own school Sugar Pole Fitness now in it’s fourth year and still expanding.

Choreography features highly in her concept for pole as well as technically advanced moves that highlight the strength building capacity of pole fitness.  She sees Pole as a fitness idea that enables anyone to increase their core strength, confidence, flexibility, and never gets boring!  Mari concentrates on bringing back the sassiness in Pole Fitness and creates a fun environment in which to learn!

Mari is a keen photographer and make up artist and enjoys organising themed social events either for her school, for charity or for friends.  She has travelled extensively and is always looking for new places to explore.