Pole Fitness Association

Pole Fitness Association


Represent and lead the Pole Fitness community worldwide by defining and promoting standards for training, safety, equipment, terminology, and technical specifications to unite and empower Pole Fitness studio owners, professionals, and enthusiasts everywhere in celebrating the sport of Pole Fitness as a rigorous, tasteful, and athletic art.


Underlying the mission are four supporting vision statements that define how the Pole Fitness Association will deliver value to the industry:

1. Be the recognized authority and trusted advisor on Pole Fitness to studios, professionals, enthusiasts, media, and others globally.

2. Be a catalyst for the development of all industry related standards, including terminology, training, certification requirements, progression of training, etc.

3. Signify to the Pole Fitness community everywhere that a studio with our certified affiliation means you are qualified to deliver sound value to your customers in all areas of pole fitness, including safety, training, ethics, facilities/equipment specifications, business management.

4. Galvanize Pole Fitness studios, professionals, and enthusiasts worldwide to market, network, educate, train safely, and learn from one another to nurture the profession and promote our athletic art.